Welcome to highschoolarts.net


Welcome.  We are dedicated to keeping the public informed of high school performances and art showings throughout the year.  Highschoolarts.net believes that a broader awareness of high school arts within a community will lead to more overall support especially in difficult economic times when these programs are at risk of being eliminated.

Highschoolarts.net was started in 2010 as a result of Lailan Bressler’s experience and deep interest in the arts.  A lifelong musical performer herself, including numerous high school productions, Lailan developed the idea while following her own children through the performing arts at Blue Valley North High School in Overland Park, KS.  Lailan was extremely impressed with the quality of talent she saw at the high school level.  She always wondered, “Why aren’t more people, especially from our own neighborhood, here watching this?  This is fantastic.  It’s affordable, if not free, and it’s right here in our own backyards.”   These feelings fueled the idea of figuring out a way to easily share high school performance information to others in the community.

By building this website and working hand-in-hand with the dedicated directors at area high schools, the goal of bringing the community together through the power of all forms of art available in our high schools is now a reality.


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